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We are a specialty tea company based in the Portland, Oregon area. Founded in 1972, Stash Tea Company has been offering a complete line of 100% natural teas for 40 years.

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Tea + Chocolate = a match made in heaven

If there’re two things we absolutely love, it’s tea and chocolate. Our Dessert & Chocolate Teas let you indulge without guilt or calories, but we won’t say no to the real thing either!

Pairing tea and chocolate is really a matter of your own personal taste. Experimenting and finding a perfect combo is all part of the fun! Try these duos for a special treat on Valentine’s Day:

Dark Chocolate with:
robust, bold black teas like Super Irish Breakfast, Doomni Estate Assam, Lapsang Souchong (the smoky notes bring out the best in chocolate), Double Bergamot Earl Grey, Double Spice Chai

Milk Chocolate with:
fresh, mellow green teas like Jasmine Blossom, Dragonwell Special Grade, Fusion Green and White, San Bei Xiang